What Remains

Poetry by Caroline Maun
Main Street Rag, 2013

ISBN: 978-1-59948-427-3

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In this beautiful and essential new collection, Caroline Maun hits her full stride as one of America's finest young poets. The poems in this new collection are deeply felt and fully realized. Maun takes her readers through the hurt and loss of death to the promises of life in a new garden. Each of these poems brings to the surface the poetic news that all too often remains buried in the heart and soul of humankind. In the end, this poet shows us all how we can "make peace with broken times" if we take the necessary time to "plant a new crop in old earth." --M. L. Liebler, editor of Working Words: Punching the Clock and Kicking Out the Jams

Maun's new collection vibrates with a sorrow so genuine, yet so finely crafted, that, like her mother's ashes gliding gracefully inside a beautiful old vase, the poems contain in exquisite shape what otherwise may have been inchoate loss. The poet's observations are brutal in their honesty-her hand becoming a prosthesis for her mother's overwhelming physical needs; breathtaking in their tenderness-the re-embodiment of her mother in trivial everyday objects, like hairpins. What Remains also teaches us how to forgive by loving what is necessary and understanding the need to recognize and uproot the riotous takeover of noxious beauty. --Anca Vlasopolos, author of Walking Toward Solstice and The New Bedford Samurai

Though a moving collection that includes the people and things lost from the poet's life, this is not a book of elegies. In a poem about her late mother's habit of collecting plastic bags, the surviving daughter writes "slowly/I'm using what remains." And that is the memorable gift Caroline Maun has given her readers: a clear-eyed view of the things we carry into our uncertain futures. --Keith Taylor, author of If the World Becomes So Bright and Marginalia for a Natural History

What Remains